The ‘Clean Water’ Fundraising Campaign

In the first part of the campaign, we have collected 12 water pumps for water supply. They are getting ready to be sent to Ukraine from a warehouse near Warsaw.

At the moment, the second part of the campaign is underway – fundraising for the purchase of water purification tablets:

These tablets will be delivered to a warehouse in Poland and then sent to a social center in the Kupiansk district, where the Oskol Reservoir dam was destroyed. The staff at the social center distribute such tablets to people in need of drinking water who are not yet ready to evacuate.

The groundwater level has dropped by 10-12 meters. Ponds and lakes are drying up, water columns and wells are running dry, and the depths are insufficient. Water is being pumped from nearby rivers and excavations. Such water requires purification before use. Unfortunately, the problem cannot be solved by boiling alone – special reservoirs and energy are needed for a large amount of water, which is in short supply in this area. The cost of a package of 20 tablets is 8 euros.

Funds are being collected in the account of the non-profit organization Ukryt s.z., chaired by Pavel Oskin, whom we all know for his dedicated assistance to Ukrainian refugees. The account was opened this week and will be transparent from October 12th.

Account for payments from the Czech Republic in Czech crowns: 6537849319/0800

Account details for international payments:

Úkryt z.s.
IBAN: CZ64 0800 0000 0065 3784 9319 – payment in euros and dollars
Address: Vřesová 677/5, Prague 181 00

Please specify “Čistá voda” in the payment description.

Please join our campaign and make a donation.