We stand with the people of Israel

Friends, another mad war has broken loose in the world. Yesterday, terrorists unleashed rockets on Israel. There’s no other way to describe those who torment hostages, commit acts of violence, and revel in their inhumanity. Photos and videos from Israel, the scenes of these tragic events are tearing people’s hearts all over the planet, like missiles targeting Israeli homes and bodies. Strengthen your souls, friends, only in them we will find strength for support and help. It’s important and necessary to say now: we are against terror and aggression; we stand with the people of Israel, with the IDF soldiers and with all of Israel. We stand for Israel’s forthcoming victory! Write to your friends, loved ones and relatives in Israel. Help them with your words, offer them shelter if needed, provide any help within your means. Bring cards with words of support and flowers to Israeli embassies. Everyone who cares, do not stay silent. Let’s be human and be together with those who need our help!