Exit poll results for Prague

Our activists, along with the activists of Vesna, participated in the polling of voters in Prague during the electoral procedure officially called “Russian Federation Presidential Elections”. The polls were organized by the “Vote Abroad” project. All Russians who disagree with the war and the Putin regime were called upon as part of the “Noon Against Putin” campaign to come to the polling stations at 12:00, line up in a long queue, and either spoil their ballot or vote for any candidate other than Putin. The Russian Embassy opened the polling station only on March 15, although the so-called elections were supposed to last 3 days. Only 1310 people managed to vote, and about 1500 people standing in line did not get a chance to cast their vote. Nonetheless, the results of the conducted exit poll eloquently testify that Russians in the Czech Republic are against Putin. Among those polled, Putin received only 4.1%. And even in the official results of the Russian Central Election Commission, Putin has only 15.7%. Many, as a form of protest, voted for Davankov (66.5%) or simply spoiled the ballot (24.8%). These votes are included in the total when calculating the candidates’ shares.

Results of the exit poll in Prague

Davankov 66.5%
Spoiled ballot 24.8%
Putin 4.1%
Slutskiy 1.3%
Haritonov 1.3%
Declined to answer 1.6%

Official results of the Russian Central Election Commission for Prague

Davankov 60%
Spoiled ballot 21.3%
Putin 15.7%
Slutskiy 1.6%
Haritonov 1.5%

Photos from the exit poll and the “Noon Against Putin” campaign