Picket in memory of victims of war crimes committed by Russia in Ukraine

On February 24, we held a picket near the walls of the Russian Embassy at Boris Nemtsov Square, dedicated to tens of thousands of innocent victims killed by the Russian army and pro-Russian armed groups. The action was timed to the anniversary of the bloody and unjust war in Ukraine started by Putin’s Russia.

We, Russians living in Czech Republic, came to this action to publicly express our sorrow for the tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of victims of the war. We prepared 9 photo stands with photographs of the consequences of the war crimes. The attendees brought flowers and candles to the stands. There has been an absolutely insane amount of bloody atrocities over the past year. In fact, it would require hundreds of such stands to tell about all the war crimes committed by Russia in Ukraine. It was a year of endless terror, a year of extreme pain and a year of shame.
Eternal memory to the victims of this war! Glory to Ukraine!